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Reposting from a friend who tagged me over a facebook note. Not  because it is certainly fitting to what I’m going through right about now, but in addition will always be a reminder that everybody needs a closing cycle at some point in life. One always has to know when a stage comes to an […]

I feel like I don’t own any explanation to anyone else. And if you are about to ask me what happened, I “just might” tell  why. But if I don’t, peep the video below and please do me a favor,  finish it up to the last minute. ps.  And just to let you know, I’m […]

because most of the time, we learn the most valuable lessons from the simple things life has to offer. And all you have to do, is sit down, relax, pray and contemplate. That surprises can make or break your week. You are valued by people more than what you think. And it doesn’t matter how […]

Things between us are doing good. Last Tuesday, me and N were able to meet the producer for the dream catcher’s project (mentioned here). By which co-incidentally (or what I would like to believe as “destiny”), was the same person,  N bought a beat from last year. Yes, he bought a beat last year but […]

So how was your weekend spent? Mine,was spent not solely for the bf but with most people close to my heart. Saturday was a long day, spent the morning with family on my cousin’s son 7th birthday. I was the designated photographer. So basically, I’m running around with a kilo down my neck. After lunch, […]

We don’t really celebrate valentines. Not that I hate valentines. But I do believe couples should celebrate their love everyday and not just because the season tells so.

But just for the sake of kickin’ with it, I made a gift for him. A scrap(book) art! I’ve always wanted to create a scrapbook and finally bought materials today. I haven’t started with my real scrapbook but hopefully this will be the start.

and before I leave, here goes my message:

For those who have their special someone, Happy Hearts Day!
For those who don’t have a special someone, Happy Singles awareness Day!
And for those who are chinese, Kung Hai Fat chai or Happy Chinese New Year!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

The boyfriend just turned a year older! And guess what I had for him? A surprise birthday party with his Highschool (H.S.) friends. (Sorry other friends, I wasn’t able to invite everyone. reason: limited resource) So for this post, I would just like to take note on how I crossed out one entry (or two, […]

Yesterday was one of the saddest day of my life. I woke up with my mom rushing to get out of the house, teary eyed and on panic. I didn’t asked her why, instead, I took a shower and got ready for work. I had to admit, I was worried, but I chose  not to […]

Hours before the year ends, I decided to take a look on how 2009 has been and be thankful and appreciative over the following things… 1. Family and Friends: Family has always been there from day one and I’m glad there isn’t any major problem that came through this year.  And…  Girlfriends are the best.  […]

Here’s another what-happened-to-my-weekend post. And yes, its another quick out of town trip with the my photography friends (a.k.a. The Renegades). The Renegades was formed when a group of newbie/active/ shutter-hungry photographers met at an online photography forum and decided to meet up for occasional city and out of town  shoots. During that time, good […]