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For the first time I saw it online, it was love at first sight. Even before I don’t have an Apple yet, I knew I have to get it just because. I’ve waited for at least two months for it to cross the border and now it’s finally here. So how do you pimp yours? […]

I am a convert


No folks, don’t panic. I haven’t changed religion if you think that is. I’ve waited for more than 6 years for this moment to happen, and I’m glad that he is finally here. I didn’t expect that he will come too soon (not this year, at the very least), but nevertheless, I am not complaining […]

I know I’ve been talking about headphones on my previous post, but my headphone obsession has been bugging me for days now especially when the bf told me about the new headphones in the market. Introducing Beats Solo by Dr. Dre. The bf and I have been lemming for the Beats Studio ever since it […]

Next to photography, my passion lies between music and fashion. And of course, when I learned about fashionable headphones, I knew I have get my hands on those. Fashion and Music rolled into one.  So with the help of my best friend Google, I came to know the brand Skull candy (SC) and a few […]