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If I were asked what’s my favorite place in the planet, next to New York would probably be Boracay, Philippines.  I know they’re quite the opposite — from city to an island. I’ve been there about three times but I’m pretty sure I’ll keep coming back for more. From fresh fruit shakes, powdery white sand, […]

Luray Caverns


Last year’s business trip brought me to such wonderful places I’ve never expected to see. It was  also the perfect time to focus on honing my landscape photography skills and get my self busy as I don’t want to end up  homesick because I know I’m missing a lot back home. One of the places […]

I’m back from a hiatus, back to the homeland and back from a bitter-sweet life on the other side of the world. I have more than enough stories to tell, living far from my own comfort zone, discovering more from what life has to offer. I will update this web space frequently than ever, with […]

Today, I’m starting a new section on my blog. I realized, since my weekends are fully packed and almost every month I am out of town, then why not share it to you dearies on where I’ve been and what I did during the weekend. I’m calling it Weekend Out of Town or Woot! for […]

Office blogging again. Thanks to my touch, thus allowing me to write my thoughts anytime, anywhere! Oha! That sounds a great catchy ad line. It’s a few days before another long weekend again. Technically only two working days for this week due to holy week. To be honest, at times like this, i’m too lazy […]