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Finding more fulfillment with things that are not commissioned a.k.a. self declared projects. Experimenting with facebook’s cover photo+ a new primary photo . A digital Chalkboard/Shout out board!! How you likin’ it? Disclaimer: Family and friends, expect my cover photo to change from time to time. I’m currently enjoying writing in this chalkboard plus the […]

Construction workers busy working on a Sunday morning. 2009.01.26: I started working on a web design for a mini business. But! I can’t even finish a draft for it. :( Wah. Where are my creative juices? I need inspiration, a photo , an art ? I just hope I’ll be able to finish the design […]

Day 009: Friday


A mock up webdesign I created  for a churchmate/friend. 2009.01.09 : Yey ! its friday! Time flies fast isn’t it? No plans for the weekend yet. Worked on a webdesign for Gerson’s (churchmate) thesis. Here’s what I’ve come up so far. Just a mockup though. Hope he likes it. btw, the photo I used here was not […]