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A  collage made by a College Group (CG) member (tatie). This will be printed in 5r photo papers and will be given away as tokens to those who helped and reached out to make  this CG camp possible. Hello Monday! Back from a looonggg Labor day vaca. So hows was every body’s holiday? Hope it all […]



At long last, was able to post process and organize photos from the Bohol trip. This was taken on our last day in Bohol.  Dumaluan Beach in an early morning . Writing on my touch again. Network’s down here at the office so i decided to create a local draft instead then publish it later when i […]

The perks of being a kid, a worry – free life. 2009.01.24 : I’m feeling good now. I’m worry free. Back to normal. I’m back on track. I suddenly remembered my own word of life. “Do not be afraid I myself be with you”- Deuteronomy 31: 23. And I was affirmed today, why I shouldn’t […]

Christ on the cross, taken inside a church in Laguna. 2009.01.04 : My sunday’s are usually dedicated for church. As I would always attend 2 meetings (CLW and CG) and of course the sunday mass. This was my first C.G. meeting as the coordinator. We had goal setting for 2009 and somewhat a timecapsule activity. […]