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Finding more fulfillment with things that are not commissioned a.k.a. self declared projects. Experimenting with facebook’s cover photo+ a new primary photo . A digital Chalkboard/Shout out board!! How you likin’ it? Disclaimer: Family and friends, expect my cover photo to change from time to time. I’m currently enjoying writing in this chalkboard plus the […]

Do not date me


Designers stand up! I just have to repost this because: I agree 100% to most of the points. True, but definitely funny. If you are somehow uncomfortable with my weird personality, this may help you understand me better. I’d like to believe I can attach the word “designer” next to my name after school is […]

I.D. layout I made for LATA‘s LABO Trip 2009.02.15 : Still sick. Got another rose on my post valentine. This time its from our dear brothers from church community I belong to.  They actually surprised us with some flowers , thank you speeches, and a serenade. How sweet is that? I even got some chocolates […]