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Mi Amore


As I station myself on the driver’s seat, turned on the engine followed by the stereo, queued  a disc labeled ‘MIA’s first CD’, I stare blankly  at the dashboard, thinking “So this is how it feels like”. This is how it feels like, to see yourself fast forward to the dreams you’ve mind mapped since […]

I am a convert


No folks, don’t panic. I haven’t changed religion if you think that is. I’ve waited for more than 6 years for this moment to happen, and I’m glad that he is finally here. I didn’t expect that he will come too soon (not this year, at the very least), but nevertheless, I am not complaining […]

Things between us are doing good. Last Tuesday, me and N were able to meet the producer for the dream catcher’s project (mentioned here). By which co-incidentally (or what I would like to believe as “destiny”), was the same person,  N bought a beat from last year. Yes, he bought a beat last year but […]

The boyfriend just turned a year older! And guess what I had for him? A surprise birthday party with his Highschool (H.S.) friends. (Sorry other friends, I wasn’t able to invite everyone. reason: limited resource) So for this post, I would just like to take note on how I crossed out one entry (or two, […]

As the year starts, and as everyone writes their list of new year’s resolution/s, I contemplate instead on my goals for the year twenty-ten. I’m a dreamer and I know I can achieve them one step at time,  one month to the next, one year and another. Forward planning, let’s go! Minor Goals For my minor […]