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So how was your weekend spent? Mine,was spent not solely for the bf but with most people close to my heart. Saturday was a long day, spent the morning with family on my cousin’s son 7th birthday. I was the designated photographer. So basically, I’m running around with a kilo down my neck. After lunch, […]

I just have to make this post just before the weekend hits again. Or else, the photos I took will (again) long be forgotten. Sonya’s Garden is a bed and breakfast located in the highland of Tagaytay. It offers organic greens handpicked fresh from their garden.  As stated from their site: Sonya offers a timeless […]

Most of the time, my weekends are jampacked. Of course, the past weekend was no exception. Though it was a bit stressful with all the tasks that I had to do for the Christ the King celebration (was tasked to lead all the Youth Ministry celebrations btw), there were those worth-to-mention moments that really made […]

Eureka! Today, I decided came up with another acronym for a new section on this blog. I’m calling it WIP which means, Weekend in Pictures. Remember my Woot (Weekend Out of Town), well its the same concept except photos are not too much of an interest, meaning random photos. Yea, i know i come up […]

I have a passion for anything food related. From cooking, food photography and of course food appreciation! I could still remember back in the day, how I watch my mom bake fresh pastries from the kitchen and replicate her recipe of danish cookies using our little oven toaster. Every once in a while I have […]

Burgoo’s Steak Fajitas Combo 01.15.2009 : So here I am catching up my 4 days late “Photo-a-day”project. Hm-mm… so where do I start? A Food Review? Know what, I’ve always wanted to be a food critic because of my love for food and cooking. Ok so why not give it a try? My First time […]