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and reasons why I am not updating… Shopping gifts for my cousins in Canada Clients from D.C. visiting the Manila office D.C. Client Presentations that got me stressed all week personal issues regarding Love DIY Nail art Spyder 3 Monitor Calibration thinking about huge decisions that I have to make SOON.

A smiling tarsier from Bohol. Such a cutie! 2009. 02. 10 : On my way home today, I was able to realized that I am fully blessed with God’s grace. Not that I’m not aware of, but it made me realize even more that God had given me more than I could ask. That I […]

Day 038: Booya!


Back from Bohol, here’s a photo souvenir me and booboo got. 2009. 02. 07 : ok so im back from my long vaca,andskipped a few days from my photo a day project.  But don’t worry i’ll still stick with the photo a day project and update my you with my long overdue posts from Bohol. :) […]

The perks of being a kid, a worry – free life. 2009.01.24 : I’m feeling good now. I’m worry free. Back to normal. I’m back on track. I suddenly remembered my own word of life. “Do not be afraid I myself be with you”- Deuteronomy 31: 23. And I was affirmed today, why I shouldn’t […]

Day 021: Empty


What could he be thinking? I hope he’s not as empty as me. 2009.01.21 : Undergoing an emotional breakdown. I feel tired of thinking about things. I’m tired, sick and empty. When will this end?

Day 020: Still


Ouch! I wonder how does it feel without the clothing protection. Hm-mn.. 2009.01.20 : Still not in the mood. Bring me back to my own self. Help! I was told, Once you’re bitten by a dog, keep still. Cause the more you fight against him, the more he will bite you. Now I wonder, if this […]

Day 019: Space


One of  the two  photos I was able to process today. EK Space Shuttle. 2009.01.19 : I tried post processing some EK photos today. But I don’t have any inspiration and not in the mood to do so. Oh well, I only managed to process 2 photos. :( Maybe my inspiration’s  out there in space? Fill me […]

Day 018: Start


A  handicapped man in front of the Binondo Church. I wonder what was he thinking? 2009.01.18 : First of all , I’m not in the mood to say anything. I’m starting to worry about things. Gahhh! Help!

My photo published in DPP Magazine. Issue 23, Page 22. Ok, so as of this writing, I am one day delayed. Why? Last night, me and Nean (the boyfriend) went out for a classic dinner + movie date. Ate at Burgoo and watched Bedtime stories. I actually wanted to reward myself for my published photo. […]