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I’ve always wanted to capture these colorful looking balloons for the longest time. 4 years after, at last I was able to do so, and below is my story. Together with my friends from church, we left our place way past two in the morning, as some friends who were able to experience it for […]

From Ati-Atihan is making one’s self like the Ati or Aeta or pretending to be one. Kalibo’s  “frenzied and raucous” historical and religious festivity observed every second week and culminating on the 3rd Sunday of January came from that intent. Citizens, tourist and pilgrims in this town smear themselves with soot or any blackening […]

I was luckily invited again for this season’s Philippine Fashion Week for Spring – Summer 2010. A colleague handed me two tickets for the Premiere A Collection show, so I asked the bf to be my chaperon / personal assistant. Not! kidding!

Mt. Pinatubo from afar.  The view while riding the 4×4 ride. 2008.02.22 : I’ve got nothing much to say, except for the sun-kissed skin and body aches that I got from the trekking to Mt. Pinatubo. But aside from that , the trip was worth it. I did enjoyed it with new friends and delish sisig […]

Day 051: Preps


Loboc River Cruise. Known tourist spot in Bohol for its floating restaurants where tourist can eat local foods while cruising the river and being serenaded by the locals. 2009.02.20 : I’m off to another tourist spot tomorrow. I’m hiking Pinatubo! I’m excited. I hope God bless us with a good weather. I’m starting to pack […]