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View the photobook live here. What happens when you get to work with your best friend? A duo of passionate women who aims to unleash the  beauty every woman possess. Photography: Me Hair/Make-up: Dang Villanueva (a.k.a neurochiq)



Click here to view the photobook in action Another milestone to my photography (slash) design journey. My first event coverage as the main photographer (and no longer a back-up) *Confetti!*  Add to that, my very first photo book design! I guess the first one would always be the hardest but the most fulfilling of them […]

February, spells red. With Chinese New year and Valentine’s Day celebrated on the same month, I’m sure we were all surrounded by  this dreaded color whether we like it or not. And of course, our photography club hopped the bandwagon, thus our monthly challenge theme was red. The photo above was my entry. If you […]

How was your weekend ladies and gents? Mine, if described in a three words would be, Asian, girl friends and movies. For some of you who live in the US, how’s  your thanksgiving? I hope you all had a blast spending it with your family. While on the other hand, for my Philippine readers, how’s […]

Most of the time, my weekends are jampacked. Of course, the past weekend was no exception. Though it was a bit stressful with all the tasks that I had to do for the Christ the King celebration (was tasked to lead all the Youth Ministry celebrations btw), there were those worth-to-mention moments that really made […]

Yesterday, I just found out that Nov 1 is self-portrait day. Coincidentally, I posted a self-portrait on my earlier post, which makes me celebrate it without knowing not until yesterday. And in line with that, I would like to share another self-portrait to celebrate Self Portrait week. Not! But instead I’m posting another self-portrait to […]

I was luckily invited again for this season’s Philippine Fashion Week for Spring – Summer 2010. A colleague handed me two tickets for the Premiere A Collection show, so I asked the bf to be my chaperon / personal assistant. Not! kidding!

Eureka! Today, I decided came up with another acronym for a new section on this blog. I’m calling it WIP which means, Weekend in Pictures. Remember my Woot (Weekend Out of Town), well its the same concept except photos are not too much of an interest, meaning random photos. Yea, i know i come up […]

To be honest, I usually drag my lazy @ss to work for I don’t find any exciting thing about my current job. I find it repetitive, dull and doesn’t allow me to use my creative ideas most of the time (which btw, is important for my every day life, seriously!) But last Monday was different. […]

I have a passion for anything food related. From cooking, food photography and of course food appreciation! I could still remember back in the day, how I watch my mom bake fresh pastries from the kitchen and replicate her recipe of danish cookies using our little oven toaster. Every once in a while I have […]