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because most of the time, we learn the most valuable lessons from the simple things life has to offer. And all you have to do, is sit down, relax, pray and contemplate. That surprises can make or break your week. You are valued by people more than what you think. And it doesn’t matter how […]

I was looking through my draft section and saw this post. Written September 2009. Last night, I was so close to getting a photography gig. A friend hooked me up for their company event and asked for my price. I asked for their requirements and gave them a decent price. Not too high as a […]

Life has been frustrating at the same time depressing for me lately. Most of the people around me are climbing up the corporate ladder, reaching their dreams, doing what they love the most, as if the heavens agrees with them always. I am caught in this depressing situation over and over. Getting sad, seeing myself […]