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Admittedly, my partner and I are both picky with what we wear. We are fashionably conscious, being each others stylist / critic. So when an occasion such as a friend’s wedding gives us a chance to¬† dress up, we scouted the most flattering outfit we could think of. And unintentionally, we ended up buying from […]

The weekend that has been (as some of you may already know), was spent on attending a friend’s wedding. It was a lovely wedding with a theme of red and black. I don’t want to talk much about their wedding as I don’t know where to get the inspiration to write, nevertheless I still want […]

A boracay inspired wedding, Ping and Anna. 2009.01.08 : My usual routine afterwork on weekdays = Post process some backlogged photos sitting on my HD. =P So this time its, Ping and Anna’s Wedding Photos turn. Taken last December 2008. Congrats Kuya Ping and Ate Anna.