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Going Solo


Friend: Fascinates me you traveled alone. Me: You know what’s even more fascinating? It is when you go solo and that big Guy up above sends angels to journey with you. I think that’s the beauty of solo traveling, when you get to meet strangers, converse and exchange beautiful “life” stories. Backtrack three months ago,  […]

Luray Caverns


Last year’s business trip brought me to such wonderful places I’ve never expected to see. It was  also the perfect time to focus on honing my landscape photography skills and get my self busy as I don’t want to end up  homesick because I know I’m missing a lot back home. One of the places […]

Lata’s Flyer for LABO. Click here  for larger image. 2009.02.10  : Finished creating a flyer for LATA’s maiden voyage to Pinatubo. As you can see, a few weeks ago, i made a logo for LATA, then last week was a webdesign(which i’ll post a screen shot in a bit). I think currently, I’m the  unofficial designer for LATA’s promotional […]