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View the photobook live here. What happens when you get to work with your best friend? A duo of passionate women who aims to unleash the  beauty every woman possess. Photography: Me Hair/Make-up: Dang Villanueva (a.k.a neurochiq)



If I were asked what’s my favorite place in the planet, next to New York would probably be Boracay, Philippines.  I know they’re quite the opposite — from city to an island. I’ve been there about three times but I’m pretty sure I’ll keep coming back for more. From fresh fruit shakes, powdery white sand, […]

Luray Caverns


Last year’s business trip brought me to such wonderful places I’ve never expected to see. It was  also the perfect time to focus on honing my landscape photography skills and get my self busy as I don’t want to end up  homesick because I know I’m missing a lot back home. One of the places […]

I’ve always wanted to capture these colorful looking balloons for the longest time. 4 years after, at last I was able to do so, and below is my story. Together with my friends from church, we left our place way past two in the morning, as some friends who were able to experience it for […]

From Ati-Atihan is making one’s self like the Ati or Aeta or pretending to be one. Kalibo’s  “frenzied and raucous” historical and religious festivity observed every second week and culminating on the 3rd Sunday of January came from that intent. Citizens, tourist and pilgrims in this town smear themselves with soot or any blackening […]

I was lucky enough to shoot an engagement session for my good friends M&R. Mac is a friend I met because of photography so no wonder an e-session courtesy of supportive friends is expected to happen. This was shot last October but since the couple politely asked to not publish the photos until wedding day […]

I  never considered myself a book buff, but yes I do read a lot of blogs, and magazines but not books.  But lately, I find myself on bookstores and amidst the crowd, the recent held Manila International Book Fair at SMX. I’ve realized it’s high time to invest on books as it would help me […]

February, spells red. With Chinese New year and Valentine’s Day celebrated on the same month, I’m sure we were all surrounded by  this dreaded color whether we like it or not. And of course, our photography club hopped the bandwagon, thus our monthly challenge theme was red. The photo above was my entry. If you […]

We don’t really celebrate valentines. Not that I hate valentines. But I do believe couples should celebrate their love everyday and not just because the season tells so.

But just for the sake of kickin’ with it, I made a gift for him. A scrap(book) art! I’ve always wanted to create a scrapbook and finally bought materials today. I haven’t started with my real scrapbook but hopefully this will be the start.

and before I leave, here goes my message:

For those who have their special someone, Happy Hearts Day!
For those who don’t have a special someone, Happy Singles awareness Day!
And for those who are chinese, Kung Hai Fat chai or Happy Chinese New Year!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Time flies, and its already the love month. But no, this is not an advance Valentines gift. (See photo above) This is a long overdue post that was supposed to be for the holidays. But since my schedule was jam packed throughout the season, I forgot all about this box. You see, last Christmas, the […]