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Marked For Life


If you ask me, birthdays should always be memorable. The fact that it is celebrated once a year should be enough. Add to that, being thankful for another year that God has given should be a better way to look at it. My partner (boyfriend) turned a year older last week.  Last year’s notable act […]

From Ati-Atihan is making one’s self like the Ati or Aeta or pretending to be one. Kalibo’s  “frenzied and raucous” historical and religious festivity observed every second week and culminating on the 3rd Sunday of January came from that intent. Citizens, tourist and pilgrims in this town smear themselves with soot or any blackening […]

Admittedly, my partner and I are both picky with what we wear. We are fashionably conscious, being each others stylist / critic. So when an occasion such as a friend’s wedding gives us a chance to  dress up, we scouted the most flattering outfit we could think of. And unintentionally, we ended up buying from […]

GRAEt night


Last week was GRAE’s (Greates Rap Album Ever) album launch at B-side, Makati.  I like attending events like this  — where we get to mingle with people of the same interests over beer and good music. Where we get to see and hear local artists shine and enhance on their craft. And where we get […]