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Do not date me


Designers stand up! I just have to repost this because: I agree 100% to most of the points. True, but definitely funny. If you are somehow uncomfortable with my weird personality, this may help you understand me better. I’d like to believe I can attach the word “designer” next to my name after school is […]



To squeeze in a little variation from all the art school posts I’ve been sharing lately. I never realize that I have a current obsession for things in “cream” not until today. Maybe because summer has just landed and the feel of the warm breeze calls for soft and cool looking fabrics.¬† Or maybe, for […]

From time to time I am obsessed about a specific food, gadget, fashion style, et al. Currently on my list are: Buffalo/ Hot Wings Lately, I’ve been on the look out for the best¬† buffalo wings in town. Currently on the top of my list are Bugsy’s and Wingman’s. I have yet to try Charlie’s […]