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Hearing my sister rant and stress about her upcoming wedding makes me randomly think of mine (not that I’m planning to anytime soon) but just for documentation purposes. and yes because I forget about almost everything, so I try to write/ draw every thought I came up with.. I am not all hands with my […]

Not necessarily a list of gifts I wanted to have but a list of things I want to accomplish <slash get> for my birthday month. and because I’d like to think that Law of attraction and Mark 7:7 works. Decent set of earphones (monster/ajays) Beige/ navy blazer The Happiness Project (one sentence journal or the […]



To squeeze in a little variation from all the art school posts I’ve been sharing lately. I never realize that I have a current obsession for things in “cream” not until today. Maybe because summer has just landed and the feel of the warm breeze calls for soft and cool looking fabrics.  Or maybe, for […]

and reasons why I am not updating… Shopping gifts for my cousins in Canada Clients from D.C. visiting the Manila office D.C. Client Presentations that got me stressed all week personal issues regarding Love DIY Nail art Spyder 3 Monitor Calibration thinking about huge decisions that I have to make SOON.