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Day 054: luck?


Mt. Pinatubo crater, the majestic volcano.  Destructive in the past, now truly is one of God’s wonderful creation. 2008.02.24 : At long last,I was able to finish post processing photos I’ve got from the majestic volcano. My Pinatubo trip was a blast! See more photos here  or at my flickr  So much about the Pinatubo trip, […]

Mt. Pinatubo from afar.  The view while riding the 4×4 ride. 2008.02.22 : I’ve got nothing much to say, except for the sun-kissed skin and body aches that I got from the trekking to Mt. Pinatubo. But aside from that , the trip was worth it. I did enjoyed it with new friends and delish sisig […]