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Christmas is my most favorite season, but I think next to it for me comes Halloween. I love Halloween, for I can think of the craziest decors and costumes, though I cannot dare myself to wear. But nevertheless, I still love it, because it challenges my creativity to the fullest. Every year, our company organizes […]

To be honest, I usually drag my lazy @ss to work for I don’t find any exciting thing about my current job. I find it repetitive, dull and doesn’t allow me to use my creative ideas most of the time (which btw, is important for my every day life, seriously!) But last Monday was different. […]

Day 054: luck?


Mt. Pinatubo crater, the majestic volcano.  Destructive in the past, now truly is one of God’s wonderful creation. 2008.02.24 : At long last,I was able to finish post processing photos I’ve got from the majestic volcano. My Pinatubo trip was a blast! See more photos here  or at my flickr  So much about the Pinatubo trip, […]

My colleague Kris, on our office’s Christmas Party. 2009.01.05 : First day at work for 2009. Work Resumes after a very long vacation. Is this for real? hahaha. Day before work resumes, I promised myself that for 2009, I’ll be going to work early. Lets say around 9. However, I failed. I still dragged myself […]