Day 026: 2 things


Boracay, the 1st white sand beach that I was able to visit. Can’t wait to see the 2nd!

2009.01. 26: Ok, I know this is a crappy photo but I’m just really excited about 2 things 1. Photoworld Asia starting this Thursday 2. Bohol starting this Sunday. Yipee!

Photoworld Asia 2009 – of course every photography enthusiast doesn’t want to miss this. Even though I don’t have anything in mind to buy (except for el cheapo SD cards that I’ll be needing for the bohol trip) I’ll probably drop by to this event just to drool on those big ass cam and accessories. hahaha!

Bohol – This will be my 2nd time to ride a plane. lol! I know, I’m such a loser! haha. but who cares atleast I’m having a week long vacation with my girlfriends! Yipee. I can’t wait to eat , swim, and shoot!  I’m too excited to see another white sand beach! 

btw, I’m thinking of a surprise for SO’s bday next next week. I don’t have anything in mind yet. I have at the most 2 weeks. any ideas? I want a surprise that he’ll never expect me to give/do! I hope he doesn’t read this. lol!

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